AllProxy Lite 1.6.202

AllProxy Lite 1.6.202: Use any proxy servers you like to as system wide proxy with AllProxy Lite. AllProxy Lite - proxy configuration tool and proxy manager. It`s designed to control your network connections effectively in a single place. Being a proxifier, AllProxy Lite allows to redirect all system connections, act as proxy client, proxy switcher, proxy checker and assist in proxy surf. AllProxy`s configuration is based on independent rules. Such approach provides flexibility - you could add your school proxy, public proxy, url proxy, sock

BOINC Monitor 9.18: A desktop gadget that shows the status of running tasks.
BOINC Monitor 9.18

allprojectslist.xml). BOINC Monitor shows BOINC tasks progress. Resizable! Save settings to file. (File will be created - Path: %APPDATA% File: gadgetname_Settings.ini). Color changeable for all gadget`s elements, include background. You can add new BOINC projects in XML list file. (File placed here - Path: %LOCALAPPDATA%MicrosoftWindows SidebarGadgetsBOINCMonitor.gadget File: allprojectslist.xml). BOINC Monitor shows BOINC tasks progress. Resizable

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